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You can use our horses for your riding lesson. You don't need to own your own horse.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or have been riding for a while but need some help with the finer points, you can feel confidant that each lesson will teach you valuable skills and build on your level of confidence and experience. We make an honest commitment that your lesson time with us will be educational and productive. We do not want to waste your time (and money) making you just plod around for months having pony rides.

Our instructors will guide you through all stages of your learning journey.

Please note: No alcohol is allowed on the premises. Alcohol, kids and horses make a dangerous mix, and our insurance cover does not allow consumption of alcohol associated with any horse activities.


  • We will always endeavour to advise changes to all students via SMS message on the evening before, or early on the morning of the lesson.
  • Lessons WILL CONTINUE for light rain, occasional showers or rain periods. We will pause a lesson during a short downpour.
  • If there is heavy continuous rain, lessons will be cancelled.
  • If there are very strong winds, lessons will be cancelled.
  • If there are thunder storms / lightning in the local area, lessons are likely to be cancelled.


  • All forecast temperatures are those shown for Elizabeth on the Bureau of Met web page:
  • We will always endeavour to advise changes to all students via SMS message on the evening before, or early on the morning of the lesson.
  • If there has been an extended period of daily temperatures above 34'C, times may be adjusted or all lessons cancelled at our discretion to avoid stress on the horses and our instructors / helpers.
  • If the forecast temperature is 38'C or higher, all lessons will be cancelled.
  • If the forecast temperature is 34'C or higher, lesson times will be adjusted and grouped to start very early (8:30am) and finish by lunch time. Some lessons may need to be cancelled depending on horse and instructor availability.

Please contact us via Email or phone to book in or change any lesson.

Lessons are run every day: 10am-5pm every day and starting at 9am on Saturday. Ages from 6 - 106. Younger than 6 is possible depending on the maturity of the child.


Using our horses
1 hour introductory lesson$ 70.00
(1/2 hr safety and horsemanship, 1/2 hr riding lesson)
1/2 hour - private lesson: $ 35.00
1 hour - private lesson: $ 70.00
Using your horse
1/2 hour - private lesson: $ 30.00
1 hour - private lesson: $ 65.00
Your horse or ours
Ground training (horse and/or owners) per 1/2 hour: $ 25.00

Gift Vouchers:

Why not give a gift voucher to your horse loving child, partner or friend! We offer individually personalised gift vouchers for a single or multiple lessons. Prices are the same as listed above (or bulk prices below): You just pre-pay and we generate and send/Email you the voucher.

Bulk Purchase:

For new students (Offer only available Once Per Student), you can purchase a special "buy 5 get one free" pack for 6 x 1/2 hour lessons at $175 (saving $35 or 20%).
(or $350 for Buy5Get6 1 hr lessons, saving $70).

For existing students (listed on our records), you can purchase ongoing "buy 9 get one free" packs of 10 x 1/2 hour lesson tokens at $315 (saving just over 10%).

For ongoing One Hour Lesson Packs, we offer Buy 9 Get 10 ($630 - saving $70), or Buy 5 Save $30 ($320), giving an option for a discount without such a big outlay.

All riding students must understand and accept the Policies for Riding Students
This updated Rider Waiver and Release must be signed by anyone wishing to ride or handle horses at the Adelaide Northern Horse Riding centre.

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